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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide is a clear, colourless, slightly viscous liquid miscible with water in any proportion. It is supplied to the market in the form of aqueous solutions.  The versatility of H2O2 includes its’ high oxidation potential, the fact that it is effective over a wide pH range and that it is a liquid and therefore convenient to use. These properties have given rise to a large and growing number of applications, many of which are described on this site.

Solvay hydrogen peroxide is available in various standard and specialty grades, differentiated by the stabilizer packages appropriate for the specific end use. All Solvay grades have excellent stability and lose less than 1% of their activity in a full year of storage under normal storage conditions.  Each grade is available in different concentrations ranging from 35 to 70% (wt/wt).

Hydrogen peroxide can be delivered in bulk by road tanker, by rail or in ISO tank containers. Product can also be supplied in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and in drums ranging from 25 to 220 litres.

Solvay products for the semiconductor industry feature some of the purest grades of hydrogen peroxide available anywhere in the world.  

In all cases, the safe storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide is of critical importance.  Detailed information on these aspects are available in SOLVAY's brochure 'Handling and Storage of Hydrogen Peroxide'

Technical Grade

INTEROX ST is the standard Hydrogen Peroxide offered by SolvayPeroxy.  This product range includes different concentrations ranging from 30% to 60%.  The product is designed to be used in a wide range of applications in the pulp & paper, chemicals, textiles, environmental, metallurgy, and industrial & institutional markets.

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Aseptic Packaging Grade

Solvay has developed special grades of H2O2 for the requirements of aseptic packaging. These have been optimised for the different packaging variants and machine systems.

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Cosmetic Grade

H202 formulated for cosmetic products specially stabilized in order to remain stable even after dilution to low concentrations

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Food Grade

H2O2 specially formulated for applications where compliance with the Food Chemical Codex is required

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