Solvay Peroxythai

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Established under BOI promotion in 1987 Solvay Peroxythai is the largest producer of hydrogen peroxide in Thailand. A major share of the Solvay group ,SolvayPeroxythai operates a 35000+ tpa hydrogen peroxide plant at Map Ta Phut which incorporates the latest technology from Solvay Interox a division of Belgian Solvay Group.

Solvay Interox is the world’s leading producer of hydrogen peroxide and persalts with operations in sixteen countries around the world. As an associated company of Solvay Interox. SolvayPeroxythai shares a history of over 140 years experience in the worldwide chemical industry and more than a century of Peroxygen production.

The success of Solvay Peroxythai is based on its flexibility to adapt its products and its services to the market requirements.

Solvay Peroxythai offers a full range of peroxygen products to meet your full requirements.
• Hydrogen peroxide is available in many grades both technical grade and special grade. They are available in packaging of 35 kg. plastic carboys, 255 kg. plastic drums, 1,150 kg. intermediate bulk containers (IBC), or in bulk deliveries up to 24,000 kg. 
• Peracetic Acid based formulated products which are available in packaging including 5 litre plastic bottles, 30 kg. plastic carboys, 1,100 kg. intermediate bulk containers (IBC). 

Brochures and specifications for our products are available on request.

Solvay Peroxythai strives to bring you the best in peroxygen products, services and technology. Meeting our customer needs motivates us to pursue a strategy of continuous improvement. As a demonstration of our commitment to you, Solvay Peroxythai gained registration to the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard by May 2004.