Solvay Peroxythai supported Children's Day activities

Children Day 1Click to enlarge
Starting a 2018 New Year with an activity for children, the National Children's Day held on Saturday, January 13, 2018 Nationwide. 
Both production plants of Solvay Peroxythai have realized the importance in supporting Thai youth and children in their communities around. They contributed budget and their value time on Saturday to attended different areas of the Navy and in the village of communities around HPPO2 plant and joined the activities of Industrial Estate and schools.
HPPO2 plant is one of the sites in Asia Industrial Estate who supported the communities around and the Navy,  by the Naval Aviation Division who organized a children activity.   There were around >10,000 children and their parents are invited to participate besides the activities organized by community leaders.
Maptaphut Plant has supported Maptaphut Industrial estate authority  with other companies in the industrial estate to organize an event for children. In the same day, the staff from maptaphut site donated some budget to one of a school nearby to organize an event for students.