Kathina Robes Offering & Donation for Children Education 2017

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At Kiri Pawanaram Temple, Pala, Rayong - Abbot of Wat Khiri Phawaram has initiated to organize a Kathina Ceremony. Solvay Group and Siam Solvay Foundation with staff and communities in Ban Chang District altogether hosted the Kathina Ceremony and raise funds for children education. 
The Kathina robe offering was presented by the chairwoman of Siam Solvay Foundation. After the ceremony, the temple committee revealed that we can raise funds more than 700,000 THB that will be allocated to be educational support to underprivileged youths in Rayong. 
Thank you very much to all the staff participated and contributed to the Kathina Ceremony. We wish you and your family happiness, prosperity, long lives, fortune and wealth.