Thai youth’s Traffic-Discipline awareness raising by puppet shows in “Helmets for Kids” Year 3

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Siam Solvay Foundation (SSF) has recognized the importance of people’s lives and properties particularly those involving young road users. SSF collaborated with Daung Pratheep Foundation to continue the “Helmets for Kids” project in a hope of reducing road casualties. This CSR initiative, now in its third year, seeks to educate youth about traffic rules and inculcate in them traffic discipline so as to help them lower traffic accidents in their communities.  Under the Helmets for Kids Year 3, the puppet show was become and edutainment activities to deliver a lecture on traffic rules in a fun way to 9336 students in 15 schools in Maptaphut and Baanchang Districts, Rayong province. In addition, H.E. Marc Michielsen presided over the latest helmets handover ceremony at Ta Kaun School, Maptaphut District. 

Siam Solvay Foundation (SSF), Solvay Group’s foundation has been established in 2005 to promote and provide suitable welfare to children in Thailand. The Helmet for Kids is one of our projects that collaborate with other non-profit organization to educate and increase helmet use in order to reduce road traffic injuries among child motorcycle passengers in Rayong province. 

From May 2015 –June 2016, there were more than 9,000 students from 15 schools in Baanchang and Maptaput districts (nearby Solvay production plants area) that attended the puppets edutainment. Siam Solvay Foundation also handover more than 1,350 crash helmets to students with helmet usage education to bring the safety on road for children and  reduce road accidents in Rayong. We continue implement this project 3 consecutive years and will keep doing this project. 

In this project, Solvay in Thailand has contributed to Rayong community. Local community and authorities in Rayong recognized the contribution of Solvay and provide very good collaboration.  We will continue to raise Thai youth’s Traffic-Discipline awareness and handover more helmets to students in by this year.

His Excellency Ambassador Marc Michielsen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Thailand expressed his appreciation “When I came here 4 years ago and I looked at many most excited things that you can see in Bangkok or here in Rayong. I would say that maybe 60% of people on the road, they did not wear helmets while riding motorbikes and of course looks even more frightening, at least for me, even many percentages of children don’t wear helmets. It was more frightening because those children could get more pain in the road accidents.
At the present, when I look at the most exciting around me, I saw the number of helmets wearing significantly increase. It is very good because whenever accidents happens the risk of serious damaged will go down. In fact, we have seen this change during 4 years from a good work of foundations involved in the particular projects. One of them is Siam Solvay Foundation. Ladies and Gentleman and Mr. Governor, it is a battle against not wearing helmets, its battle that we asked for safety and hope many people in Thailand that everyday used to exciting to work and bring their children to schools. I hope they usually wear helmets. Because of that, I express my appreciation to the foundations that involved in this project.”

“I have always aware of the safety for children in Rayong and recognized the collaboration working of Siam Solvay Foundation and Duang Prateep Foundation.  The Healthcare and relationship promotion through Story-Telling and Puppet Shows“ Helmets for Kids” project has been organized to raise the road safety awareness of  youth by providing knowledge of traffic rules and discipline through storytelling, puppetry to students in 15 schools located in Map Ta Phut and Ban Chang, which is very good and useful.”, said Mr. Somsak Suwansucharit, Governor of Rayong Province.

Mrs. Prateep Ungsongtham Hata, Secretary-general of the Duang Prateep Foundation added, “In an ongoing project, from 2013 until the present day, Siam Solvay Foundation has had a policy to encourage health and education development among children and youths in Rayong Province. Storytelling by puppet shows travels all over 15 schools in Rayong giving performances that impart knowledge about how to be healthy and  safe travel by wearing safety helmets when riding on motorcycles. In this local area, Siam Solvay has supported performances that so far have reached a total of 9,336 children at 15 schools in Bang Chang Sub-district and Map Ta Phut Sub-district. We have also co-organized training for local teachers on how to make and use puppet shows as a media and tool in their classroom teaching. To date, a total of 60 teachers have participated in this activity.”


About Siam Solvay Foundation
Siam Solvay Foundation (SSF), Solvay Group’s foundation has created in 2005. SSF promotes and provides suitable welfare to children in conformity with the Thai culture and gives support, aids and comforts, as well as promotes education, to children of all races and types and carries out activities or cooperates with other charitable organizations for public benefit. 

About Daung Pratheep Foundation
The Duang Prateep Foundation has operated 38 years of continuous service in over 20 projects in the fields of education, child abuse, and welfare of the elderly and slum youths. It has carried out this service through community kindergartens, educational sponsorships, rehabilitation centers, in-home support, traveling puppet troupes, a local credit union and regular activities at our Klong Toey center. In addition, foundation is prepared for emergency situations such as fires and chemical spills, with our trained volunteer fire-fighters.