Halal Market…the opportunity of Solvay Peroxythai to the Asia market

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The Central Islamic Committee of Rayong, granted Halal Honor Certificate 2015 to Mr. Anupong Rongluengaram, Managing Director of Solvay Peroxythai, at Kameo Grand Hotel, Rayong.

Solvay Peroxythai has been awarded Halal Certificate 2015 for its Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid from The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT), Rayong Office since 2002. This can prove that Solvay Peroxythai’s manufacturing process has made in accordance with Halal standard process.

Halal Certificate builds more reliability and acceptability in halal food to Muslims, the company hold certificate possibly raises more export rates.  In 2030, the Muslim population will approximately increase to 2.2 billion or around 26.4% of the world population. Halal certificate not only builds the reliability and acceptability of Muslim consumers, but other group of consumers also relies on the most ultimate level quality standards of Halal. The manufacturers in food and beverages, healthcare, and others require the suppliers who receive the halal certificate.  It shows their customers that the relating companies produce in a high quality level product. 
Regarding the reasons above-mentioned, it is a very significant tool for Solvay Peroxythai to have one more competitive advantage to business and sustainably export our products to halal market in the region.